Ana Ferrer

Ana Ferrer

Ana, Engineer degree and MSc. in mechanical engineering, specialized in microfluid dynamics and power engineering by Konkuk University with mention in microfiltration, BioMEMs and PCR.

She studied her degree at Malaga University and moved to Seoul to do her master’s degree. In Korea worked as a researcher in the Microfluidics Lab, where combined her knowledge on engineering with the medical sector, bringing new points of view and ways of research to the Lab on a Chip field. Her thesis and research, cfDNA extraction and detection from whole blood, was awarded and recognized by the Engineering Research Center (ERC) of Korea, for her work on microfiltration and the new use of BioMEMs components.

After graduation, she joined PREMO Korea as a member of the R&D team, focused on inductive components and working in the research of new applications.

In 2021, Ana was researching for innovative solutions for the automotive sector combining her background in microfluid dynamics and the expertise of PREMO in inductive components, and founded Coolgap company with Javier Perales.